Redefining The Stone Age With Geode Home Decor

It is no secret granite’s popularity derives from its natural beauty and brilliant luster. Its versatility from the rich to the understated lends to the unique look that matches your lifestyle. Granite or marble is what usually comes to mind when people think about luxury stone materials for the kitchen or bathroom. While they are still very popular, there are many other exciting alternatives that are out in the market today.

To name a few, there’s quartz, soapstone, resin, semi-precious stones, the same materials used for jewelry. I really never appreciated the trend until i ent to sell a home in Miami beach and as just inspired by their rose quartz bathtub!! Yes you heard that correctly, a bathtub made out of rose quartz, By far the most beautiful tub I've ever seen. Since it as the first time I've ever seen such an art piece I Went onto Pinterest and did some visual shopping to see these beautiful pieces to get inspired even more. hat I saW is nothing short of spectacular and beauty. The geode furniture pieces add such a touch of class that truly separates your home into an arena of opulence and exclusiveness. I mean it's not everyday you get to see an bed frame out of pure amethyst! Hope these inspire you as much as they inspired me!


Luxury Wash Basin Courtesy of : ThisisLifeLuxryHub

                                    Geode Bathtub from ThisisLifeLuxuryHub

Geode Bathtub from ThisisLifeLuxuryHub

  just look AT THIS SHOWER WALL 


Luxury Geode Sink From Terra Aqua

This Queen Stone Sink from Terra Acqua will make your bathroom the crowning jewel of your home.Cut from a single rock, each Miramar sink is unique in it’s shape and character. They average 4-5″ high and 13-18″ wide. Pricing begins at $1,195.Terra Acqua offers vessels in the full Montecito Collection created from stones from around the globe. I really like their new Veloz vessel, shown in Sand Stone. I bet it is stunning in green onyx.

Kitchen Geode Decor 

        Geo Plates from Verra Terra  


                                                   Amythest Kitchen Counter Top 

Amethyst is a semiprecious stone and one of the most luxurious countertop options available. Washed with rich violet and purple tones, these slabs reflect elegant quality and dazzle amid intense light. With an enigmatic and intriguing crystal-like quality, amethyst stirs the imagination and inspires creativity.


Kitchen Island Made from White Quartz Photo From : Majestic Gemstone

For those ho are into the spiritual benefits of crystals. White Quartz is known purify the home and give energy and contributes for self development. The kitchen ill be your new sacred space

Blue Agate Coffee Table From : Majestic Gemstone

Druzy Amethyst Coffee Table 

 Geode Bedroom Decor 

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