Spotlight Palm Beach Interior Designer: Scott Robertson Interiors

As a realtor, I have an appreciation for beautiful homes and in South Florida there is no shortage in that. But I have a big belief that no matter how grand and beautiful home is on the outside, it will hold no value unless that beauty is reflected on the inside.

Now I understand that everyone has their own taste, and preference, and I am all for expressing your style, but I believe there has to be some kind of story balance and functionality with your décor.

So when my clients now have this beautiful house but then many of them are inept when it comes to styling their home interiors, I have the pleasure of referring to them one of my long time favorite interior designers, Scott Roberston.

Scott Robertson is a home interior designer in Palm Beach, and I initially had the pleasure of initially working with him when we staged a home together for one my listings in Palm Beach.

I left the creativity completely up to him and he used his best judgment from the aurora he got from the house. I recall that I was able to sell that house AND everything in it. Fully furnished thanks to him. I guess he was my lucky charm, but his talent's are truly inspiring and beautiful and for any of my Palm Beach Clients I always refer to him.

I can say with great confidence that almost all those who have used him, thank me for the referral.

He has an eye for respecting the client's needs while using his creative input , and without being to self centered in his work, he honors and respects the client's request.

Scott Robertson's Interior Design Style

His rooms are artistically balanced compositions of color, light, texture and style, often with a touch  of humor. It's like European elegance with a hint of Miami Deco art.

His clients immediately recognize Scott as “someone I knew I could work with.”

Check out a recent home of a previous client of mine who recently used Mr. Robertson for interior decorating.

 Palm Beach Interior Design

Beautiful Right !

Check out home for sale here: South Florida Listings

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